Not stretching self limits others

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One eyed views on self places limits on growth of others
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One eyed views on self places limits on growth of others
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insular effects themselves form barriers of growth.
security in setting goals
monsters crave negative imput
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When a major influence on our lives consumes us, taking over our thought patterns and colouring our world to an extent that we can only see things from one angle and therefore everyone else should think that way places an enormously major pressure to live up to those expectations. There is then no room for maneuvering, changing or bouncing back.



Naturally water is easy to change its shape, texture and even it’s make up. Even rivers change their flow after environmental cause and effects come into play. Man then may alter the chemical balance, and then land has chemical seepage. Where is the difference in a person’s life?


To have and to sustain growth of ourselves and therefore others surrounding us reflects our changeable factors. Those we can control and not control. Factors we ourselves influence, others influence for us or that impact changes upon us.


Micro or macro mind bending and warping causing confuse situational interpretations, rather than having possitive learning titilated, encouraged and endorsed through growth stimulating thought patterns. People learning look to those in the know for guidance, praise,safety and correctional thinking aspects of understanding what is happening. Often these mentors have a profound life time affect on the lives that they knowingly or unknowingly touch or influence.


World peace is a macro policy shift in thinking. Previously counties wanted peace…their way. With technology being used by the private person the macro thinking organisations are to be open with their visions, missions, objectives, aims goals and strategies. Macro thinking cannot afford people discovering their wayward thoughts and deeds.


How ever the micro thinker… yes the people in singular, or those in small groups, have a large influence sphere. Knowing they have the power and influence to use their talents, gifts and life experiances for the betterment of the world is terrific. People need peace within themselves as well as their surrounding environments as well.


The opposite of peace is confusion. Confusion can take a heavy emotional toll on anyone- child or adult. Confusion leads to fear. Fear develops close offs; shut downs, insular effects, ill health and isolation. Each having a feeding frenzy on the other, supporting the other in the negative views of the world, other people or of that person themselves.